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I like this M5 overall. Here are the things that I like vs I dislike.


1. 560hp/500 Ib-ft of trque coupled with 7-speed DCT. This will tear the last generation M5 and all the other cars including CTS-V a new hole in the rear.

2. The gas mileage of 23.5 mpg combined seems to be a lot better then horrible gas mileage of E60 M5.

3. 7-speed DCT vs 7-speed SMG.....hands down win for DCT.

4. More aggressive wheel and tire combo as well as brakes vs E60 M5.

5. Much more rear seat room and better looking interior

6. More aggressive front end design.


1. Lack of high revving engine and boring 7200 rpm redline vs E60 M5 thrilling sky high 8300 rpm.

2. The lack of any carbon fiber use for roof or trunk or hood to reduce weight further.

3. I have doubts that this engine will sound as great as the high revving V10 specially as it reached it 8300rpm redline

4. The rear diffuser for the E60 M5 looked more aggressive compared to this F10 M5.

5. The i-drive knob is further away from the driver when it should be closer for ease of use.

6. In one year of extra development BMW could have extracted few extra horse power from the same engine in X5M/X6M. I think the power should have been around 575hp atleast and make it more of a 7500 rpm redline.

7. 8% price increase is making this car ever closer to $100K.
I think the price increase should have not been more then 1-2% at most. Since this is the same engine as found in X5M/X6M. Also, the DCT has already been out in M3 for a while. So there was no all new major development costs related to this F10 M5 like E60 M5. Atleast for E60 M5 the price hike was justified for developing a V10 and SMG tranny.

Final verdict F10 M5 > E60 M5 to me

Overall, I am liking the new car and it is a vast improvement over the other in many regards. However, BMW could have made it even better by reducing the weight further by using extensive carbon fiber. Developing the engine for bit more power vs X5M/X6M and make it a bit more higher revving. Also, the price hike is just plain stupid.
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