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Originally Posted by Bubajay View Post
The power figures are absolutely disappointing. *sigh*...yeah, 560 is great and it's about the handling blah blah blah, but come on! only 5 horses more than a more than one year old X6M/X5M? least give it 30 or 35 horses more...damn you BMW. Tuners get ready to throw this car over 700 ponies...
When will someone explain to you americans that once you get to 600HP in a car that costs only 70k you are looking at a death machine?

Do you know why the Bugatti Veyron costs 1.2m euros? because it takes this much money to make 1000hp Safe to drive!

Not to mention the fact that this M5 gets 29MPG! WTF a M car that does near 30MPG??? But no you moan about 20-30hp when its already putting out 560hp! This is like complaining that your Gold bullion is only 999.99 pure!

MOAR BHP is not the aim of todays car makers.

Learn it

Accept it

Enjoy it.