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Originally Posted by matthewEW View Post
Wouldn't it be more prudent to do an entire car wrap using the same 3M film or equivalent than just specific portions of the car such as just part of the front, sides and back?
Prudent? Maybe. Necessary? Probably not. Expensive? You bet, probably $3-4K to wrap the entire car in VentureShield. And that assumes you're ok with every surface of the car feeling like plastic every time you touch it, never mind what happens in 4 years when the film starts to discolor and you either have to pony up another $3-4K to get it pulled off and a fresh film reapplied or deal with a car that always looks weird no matter how much you wash it.

Fyi OP, getting my front bumper, mirrors, and headlights was $540 here. The place I used said doing the front fenders and part of the hood would have been $840. The front fenders come pretty far forward on an M3 but I didn't bother, and it shouldn't be an issue on the M5, so I wouldn't worry about that or the hood; the M5's front bumper panel goes plenty far upward and back.
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