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Post BMW M5 Ring Taxi is Back! Hits Nurburgring in F10 M5 Form (Updated with Video)

BMW M5 Ring Taxi is Back! Hits Nurburgring in F10 M5 Form (Updated with Video)
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The famous E60 M5 Ring Taxi was retired at the end of the 2010 season, with the E90 M3 Ring Taxi taking over duties for 2011. With the introduction of the all new M5 (F10) however, it looks the mighty M5 will again resume its Ring Taxi duties for the upcoming year/season.

Seen here for the first time is the F10 M5 Ring Taxi hitting the ring wearing its Ring Taxi uniform - in white with M stripes and Ring Taxi decals. It underwent many laps of hard testing runs on one of the first days of the 2012 Nurburgring testing season and it appears ready to begin taking passengers when the ride season begins.

It will be driven by the instructors from the BMW Driving Experience Program as it has in past years (no Sabine, as she left the program prior to 2011).

Keep checking for the F10 M5 Ring Taxi at BMW's Ring-Taxi web site and leave your email address if you want to get notified once tickets for the 2012 F10 M5 Ring-Taxi become available.

Updated with video of twin F10 M5 taxis on the Nurburgring. The F10 M5 has previously been reported as lapping the Ring in 7:55.

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