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  1. N55B30T0 vs. N55B30O0 - what will be the differences?
  2. 340i engine and power output posted - similar database entry for M2?
  3. 360PS X4 M40i leaked - M2 engine specs I guess?
  4. Active M Differential
  5. Alpha-N Performance previews BMW M2 Coupe tuning program with 480 PS
  6. What about fitting the M4 M Performance wing on the M2 ?
  7. DSC settings on the M2: what the Manual, Press Kit and Technical Training say
  8. BMW M2 M Performance exhaust official info & German price
  9. JB4 for M2?
  10. ///M Performance Parts for the M2 - Parts numbers
  11. Any word on DINAN for this little beast?
  12. BMW M to remain RWD "as long as possible"
  13. BMW M2 N55 Uses Different Turbo Part Than M235i and X4 M40i
  14. Paddle shifters
  15. M2 MPE Valve Controller Question
  16. M2 stage 1 tune
  17. Exhaust Tips
  18. G-power tune 420hp/600NM
  19. When can we expect aftermarket exhausts to start popping up?
  20. M Performance Exhaust
  21. BMW M2 Dyno Figures / Numbers
  22. F87 turbo Borgwarner B03
  23. M Performance Exhaust- inquiry
  24. Aftermarket intake for more turbo sound
  25. Downpipe same as M235i?
  26. M2 putting down 280whp : /
  27. Titanium tips?
  28. No Charcoal filter for the F87 M2
  29. Active autowerke dyno the M2
  30. JRC Exhaust Valve Delete mod
  31. Dinan M2
  32. TTFS Shop M2
  33. Active Autowerke M2 Upgraded Tips - Brushed & Black Finish Available
  34. IND tradition: IND M2 dyno test at AMS!
  35. M2 at Burger (BMS)...Existing JB4 Works...But Not Great News
  36. TuningTech FS BMW M2 Dyno Tuning & Testing (ECU Flash)
  37. MY BSM ///M2 6MT Mod Journal...The Empire Strikes Back
  38. Do carbon exhaust tips fit on stock exhaust?
  39. M235i VRSF Downpipe fits on M2 - plus turbo internal pics
  40. Stock JB4 logs and oil temp/IAT info
  41. Intake Tune Exhaust
  42. Exhaust Pictures
  43. Another Catless Downpipe Install
  44. BMS clutch stop = awesome
  45. S55 Engine Swap
  46. M2 Charcoal Filter Recommendations
  47. E85/FlexFuel
  48. Laggy DCT
  49. Sport cats
  50. FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | M2 Exhaust Suite Development
  51. Enzo Performance M2 Development
  52. M2 Akrapovic video
  53. Twin Scroll Turbos - technical
  54. Detailer's Domain - 16 BMW M2 LBB /BBS FI-R's/ Xpel/ Nanolex/M Performance/Rogue +
  55. M2 with M Performance Exhaust: cold start sequence (3 videos)
  56. Down pipe questions
  57. M Performance Exhaust Tips are angled
  58. Aaron performance Data display for M2
  59. Engine noisy at idle?
  60. Interest in Akrapovic exhaust?
  61. M2 PURE Stage2 Turbo Upgrade - Now Available!
  62. So... I'm an Idiot
  63. Has anyone made their M exhaust flaps stay open?
  64. FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | M2 Exhaust Suite Unleashed
  65. Thoughts regarding VSRF Downpipe
  66. To MPE or not to MPE
  67. Active Autowerke | Dyno with Level 1 ECU Flash, Downpipe and Intercooler
  68. M2 Coding. What have you done??
  69. FNG Question
  70. The exhaust poll 2
  71. Akrapovic reveal the prices for the M2 exhaust...Are they crazy???
  72. Who has installed an aftermarket intercooler?
  73. Downpipe/Intercooler/Tune Questions...
  74. Oil consumption...or lack there of
  75. Supersprint exhaust
  76. Hidden exhaust mode in M2 (Traction Mode)
  77. **VIDEO** BMS Intake Sound Demo (Super LOUD!!)
  78. Super Sprint Exhaust
  79. Tunability....
  80. Multiple Exhaust Options, which to choose?
  81. Active Autowerke | M2 Signature Exhaust (Sneak Peek)
  82. Temp gauge display compared to hidden oil temp
  83. Which catless downpipe would you suggest?
  84. Manual Gearbox Questions
  85. Shifttech Tune
  86. Maryland Dyno day
  87. arrived
  88. Does the "Macht Schnell EVC Module" work with the M2?
  89. IND | Eventuri F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Intake System
  90. BMW M2 REMUS cat-back system - First Look!
  91. New Remus exhaust on the M2 for your listening pleasure
  92. Another Stock M2 Dyno - 268kw (364PS) | 548Nm
  93. M2 Chargepipe vs. M235i Chargepipe
  94. Remus for F87
  95. Intake Thread
  96. Alpha N-Performance 430Hp upgrade
  97. BMS intake, CEL P120D
  98. Bigcatkian's 2016 6MT LBB M2..Hurting Feelings | KW | Work Meister S1 | VRSF
  99. Which exhaust the best
  100. Pic Request:
  101. F30 AFE intake in m2!
  102. 5 Things You Should Never Do In A Dual Clutch Transmission Vehicle
  103. Free exhaust in SoCal
  104. Active AutowerkeF87 M2 Stepped Core Intercooler Released
  105. Catless concerns - help!
  106. FI Valvetronic Exhaust for M2 now available (first look and video sound clip)!
  107. Do you want a free Milltek Sport exhaust and are you from the UK? Read this topic!
  108. Today's dyno run (376hp / 566Nm) and weight measurement (1582 kg)
  109. Active Autowerke Intercooler
  110. transmission cooler
  111. M Performance Exhaust
  112. Active Autowerke | M2 N55 Intercooler
  113. Active Autowerke | M2 Sebring Track Report Take 2
  114. dinan s1 m2
  115. M performance exhaust + ER catless dp
  116. Pic of carbon fiber tips with stock diffuser please
  117. BMW Manual Transmissions
  118. White M2 finally here in Taiwan, what Engine mod should I do?
  119. Coding for mpe
  120. Cutting the stock exhaust
  121. Milltek Development - It begins
  122. Does MPE exhaust weigh less
  123. CF Tips for Stock Exhaust
  124. Options for short shifter kits?
  125. VRSF Ceramic Coated DP's
  126. Shops/tuners etc. in the Netherlands
  127. Speed Busters?
  128. BMS - F Series JB+ Quick Install Tuner Just Released - 1min Install!!!
  129. For those of you that are catless
  130. Replacing Inbox Filter - Help
  131. M Performance exhaust fit in trunk to transport?
  132. Armytrix Exhaust for BMW M2 Coupe
  133. Eventuri Intake Design
  134. +56 HP & +120NM Torque | $895 |
  135. m235i fabspeed Midpipe for M2
  136. Oil Catch Can
  137. What to do with original exhuast
  138. BMS - F Series JB+ Quick Install Tuner Installed
  139. Fabspeed sport cat review
  140. VRSF Upgraded Aluminum Charge Pipe Now Available for the BMW M2!
  141. Drove a manual BMW M2 with MPE today...
  142. NEW RELEASE: Dinan S1 F87 M2 -- Exhaust, Intake and Tune
  143. JB4 Tuning
  144. M2 Moto Gp Upgrades.
  145. OEM Exhaust Tips Removal
  146. Has anyone run VP?
  147. extreme drift M2 800hp
  148. Eventuri Installed
  149. M3/M4 carbon fiber strut bar retrofit
  150. black OEM exhaust tips anyone?
  151. BMS Slip On Tips
  152. Performance Gains Facts or Fiction
  153. I want a Dp catless but...
  154. Exhaust gasses flow with stock exhaust?
  155. Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust + Down Pipe Installed on my BMW M2 Coupe
  156. Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake for M2
  157. Eventuri video - installed and sound clip
  158. M2 Exhaust vs. MPE Exhaust
  159. Exhaust upgrades - Now that manufacturers have had a chance!
  160. VRSF Downpipe Installed without Tuning - No Codes!
  161. Future Magnaflow Exhaust for Your M2
  162. Macht Schnell - Exhaust Valve Control (EVC) Module
  163. M235i Compatibility to M2
  164. My Fabspeed Sport Cat DP/Muffler Bypass review
  165. GTHaus Meisterschaft Feedback
  166. Clutch Delay Valve on M2
  167. M2 owners with JB+
  168. High flow air filter - BMC or K&N?
  169. [How To] Installing a K&N air filter
  170. MPE vs Dinan after market mod?
  171. O2 sensor wiring!
  172. The M2 and the 'soda can crunch noise' issue: compilation of some experiences
  173. M Performance exhaust diameter
  174. Stienbauer and AC shnitzer
  175. Catted Downpipe on Stock Tune
  176. JB+ vs Stage 1 for M2
  177. Tips for stock exhaust with M Performance diffuser?
  178. Drivetrain Malfunction - Limp Mode
  179. Any way to reduce or eliminate exhaust burble?
  180. MPE Drone Specific RPM
  181. M2 stock dyno testing on 97 and 99 RON Fuel
  182. M240i Development Car Needed
  183. Owners with a 6MT regretting their choice?
  184. Curt Trailer Hitch Fitted
  185. Tuning Stages
  186. RICHTER 4" sport cat 200 cell BMW M2
  187. which (if any) JB4 map has the least amount of timing advance?
  188. Tuning question for an expert regarding N02, and Ignition timing?
  189. Help with jb4
  190. Dinan Resonator Delete Pipe Installed
  191. AFE Exhaust
  192. Will the M2 engine require walnut blasting?
  193. AWE Exhaust?
  194. Dinan Exhaust and resonator delete
  195. MPE Titanium Exhaust Tips on Stock Exhaust?
  196. Leaking power steering pump?
  197. Evolve Stage 1 ECU Flash Remap for BMW M2 (with Dyno Graphs)
  198. Who's throwing codes/limp mode with DP installed
  199. M2 exhaust on e36 M3? :)
  200. General consensus... What's the best sounding exhaust on the market?
  201. Rogue Engineering short shift kit?
  202. Meisterschaft M2 exhaust video.
  203. N55 Performance Intake?
  204. M2 Battery Charger
  205. M2 and B58 engine?
  206. Eisenmann Exhaust Video
  207. Fabspeed SportCat Review
  208. M Performance Exhaust Valve Behavior
  209. Downpipe Fix wiring diagram needed
  210. AUTOcouture Motoring Flash Tune!
  211. Best way to tap into manifold or boost pipe (Pre TB)???
  212. BMW M2 Milltek
  213. Finally! Some VRSF HD Race Intercooler Logs
  214. DYN-O-MITE Time !
  215. AFE Power Power Package
  216. Detailer's Domain - Akrapovic - unwrapping - install - sound bytes
  217. Detailer's Domain installs the Eventuri F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Intake System - IND
  218. M2 tuning and log thread
  219. AUTOcouture Eventuri Intake Installed!
  220. Active Autowerke | F87 M2 Signature Exhaust Release
  221. BR-Performance - Flash Tune - On Request
  222. M-perf exhaust - is it worth it?
  223. LBB M2 with Eventuri Yellow Kevlar Intake System
  224. Akrapovic - Exhaust Valve Movement?
  225. Evolution Racewerks M2 Oil Cooler Released!!! PICS INSIDE!!!
  226. Best intercooler?
  227. High intake Temps
  228. MPE + extras & AA full exhaust + extras
  229. How to remove the ECU/DME?
  230. BMW F87 M2 "GTS Style" Optik Tuning by Edison Composites
  231. Reason for Comfort to Sport Sound Change
  232. Eventuri Carbon Fiber Engine Cover for the BMW M2 F87
  233. M2 M Performance Exhaust
  234. IND | RKP F87 M2 Corner Braces
  235. bootmod3 for BMW F series Vehicles - General Discussion
  236. 400bhp, do I need to upgrade intercooler?
  237. BMS F Series JB+ Tuner - Install Issues
  238. Akrapovic Evolution Line w/ Catless Downpipe!
  239. Black angled tips for the OEM exhaust?
  240. A Potential Good fix to MPE drone ? The Stock Resonator
  241. Akrapovic issue
  242. Pictures black CP Tips fitted
  243. VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit BMW M2 F87 2016+
  244. MPE sales has stopped, new one is coming in Q1 2017
  245. Case of the ///Mondays
  246. How to Calculate Fuel Requirements on your Modified M2 101
  247. How loud?
  248. Can the M2 run on pure E85?
  249. Possible transmission damage during downshift into second
  250. NEW RELEASE: Dinan Stage 4 Tune, Big Turbo & Dual Core Intercooler