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I wonder if it would drift?

Originally Posted by Jason View Post
If you're a RWD fan, fret not, as the BMW CEO confirms that any AWD system would be optional as he understands that most M buyers prefer rear-wheel drive.
If he made a poll from all ///M owners in the world (not on this forum) in 2013, I think he would be very surprised. How few can actually tell the difference between an AWD and RWD car, a turbo and N/A car and even fewer who actually track, drifts and drive their cars in such a way that RWD would be more advantageous or fun to an AWD. I think they would prefer to feel the AWD's acceleration, stability, practicality and kicking ass from traffic lights instead. I'm not in that category, but I know many current gen M5/M6 owners who are and they are many.

Often there are situations when mainstream cars beat M5 F10 at traffic lights. Times when arrogant people in SUVs beat you at a traffic lights and gloat over your failure when you want to chase him, put the window down and start yelling "EXCUSE ME! HEY WAIT! IN FACT YOU DIDN'T WIN! I LOST BECAUSE I HAVE RWD AND CAN'T PUT ALL 560 HP DOWN PROPERLY! PLEASE FOLLOW ME TO HIGHWAY IF YOU HAVE TIME"

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