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Originally Posted by painoz View Post
Yes that is the one. I notice you are in NM. Have you seen it?
I actually test drove that car. I'm currently in the market for a M5 and saw that one local. I went and drove it.

The car overall seemed in good shape. It drove pretty well but when I drove it was during more traffic and only a few miles. The exterior seemed in decent shape but we had some dusty days the few days before I went and also the dealership is going through a renovation so overall was hard to tell the exact exterior condition but seemed good.

As a fellow M owner I only saw the following to make sure you look at things when you get there and not to make you afraid to buy (none of these are bad just things I noticed)

1. Drivers seat has decent wear, might just be a little dirt in the leather but looked like the drivers seat was worn a little more then it should for the sub 40k miles.
2. The interior does have some marks in areas. Nothing major was mostly around the drivers area as the passenger and rear seats seemed they were never used.
3. The second time i went down was to listen to the stereo as i was undecided on if I wanted to find a car with B&O. When I went out to start the car it showed low battery on the dash. This is prob due to it being on the dealers lot for a few weeks. Just have them check it before you start your journey back.

The reason I didn't go forward with the car was because of the color. My e92 m3 is space grey. I just didn't want to add another grey car to my stable. If the car was MCB or White exterior you possibly wouldn't be buying this as it would already be in my garage.

Hope you also got a decent amount off the car. I told them the first day i went to see and drive it i just didn't love the exterior color. They offered a good amount off the top, told them I just don't want grey. Then a week later they called and gave me another amount off.

Wish you the best and overall seems like a nice car for the limited time I had with it.