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Originally Posted by Bönz View Post
Your older manual simply isn't clear. Read it again. It doesn't say engine coolant. It just says "coolant". I'm right. You're wrong. E90Fleet posted pics from the engine technical manual that proves it. I have this too. Thanks E90, I just didn't feel like taking the time to do this.
From the diagrams that E90 posted I believe I am wrong. I don't understand why BMW uses the coolant section in the 2013 owner's manual to reference the DME cooling circuit though. If the warning light lit up on the dash to tell me the engine was over heating, I would do as the OP did and go straight to the reservoir that is pictured in the manual to check for fluid level. There is no mention of the other water cap to add water, and of course no way to visually determine its water level. The engine coolant cap in the 2013 model has no yellow warning label, just small black lettering molded into the cap cautioning not to open while hot. I'm glad this came up, now I know. Curious, does the later manual mention both locations for checking cooling water levels?
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