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I'd like to see this:

I'd like a little more of the clean polished E39 M5 and E46 M3 style and a little less of the E90 & E92 styling. By that I mean I'd like to see less of the bulbous power dome, hood and fender vents and F1 esque lower fascias. I would like to see some reasonably aggressive fender flares that look like they mean business though.

Seems like they have this well under control with what I'm seeing in the new 7 and Z4. I like the driver focused sporty before luxury BMW has always had.

TT or S/C V8: 550hp and 500lb/ft of torque. I love M cars but, historically they get awful fuel mileage. FI will help keep the power we want while getting better fuel economy.

I kind of lean towards a super charging for these cars because of the better throttle response and more linear power not to mention they keep a distinctive exhaust sound where turbo cars just sound kind thrashy.

The active motor mounts Porsche just came out with seem pretty neat. Good fit for a dual purpose car like the M5. Max comfort and max power transfer.

I'd like the option of manual of dual clutch.
Carbon driveshaft.
Longer gearing in 6th to help highway mileage. You generally don't use 6th at the track anyway.

Suspension, Chassis and Brakes:
A carbon brake option would be nice for a car of this weight and power.
At the bare minimum a two piece rotor monoblock caliper setup would be great.
Electronically adjustable dampeners with unequal length control arms or inverted struts.
Lightweight Magnesium wheels.
LiIon battery could easily knock as much as 40lbs off the car.
Use of more Aluminum in the chassis.
Maybe some type of active aerodynamics as well. (lower ride height at certain speeds, splitter that adjusts angle, shutter system on cooling openings)

It would also be cool to have a CSL type option at some point in it's life. This car should loose all the luxury electronics, sound deadening, power appointments, sunroof, etc...get the weight down to around 3500lbs. I mean 4100lbs for a car the size of a 5?

Also, please keep in mind this is an enthusiast car and while I understand BNMAG not wanting to shell out to fix modded cars (which I completely agree with) at some point they will be out of warranty and it's not fair to limit what people can do to their own car. If there was a way for BMW to protect itself without completely locking out the tuning crowd it would be nice.