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Here's my wish list:

-Keep the current V10 with the same output
-Manual 6 speed or 7 speed DCT (simplified electronic controls for DCT all buttons on Console and steering wheel)
-Reduce weight by 500 pounds
-6 pot ultra lightweight brakes

CSL Model with further weight reduction, no i-drive, carbon fiber fenders, hood, roof, trunk and wheels.

Result: an M5 that can handle, considerably quicker acceleration and improved gas mileage from reduced weight, and a more simple focus on performance, let other models be overweight and tech laden for those that want to cruise while touching a million buttons or fusing with the idrive.

Unfortunately my prediction is the new M5 will be a 600 hp TTv8, first M ever with an engine from a truck, ever more complex electronics, and a small weight increase over the already overweight current model which BMW will proclaim as a victory considering all the new stuff piled into the larger car. Oh and a 1 MPG improvement in mileage thanks to turbos. Of course it will be fast but so is the X6-M and that vehicle goes against everything "M" apparently used to stand for.