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Need Help With Bluetooth!

My bluetooth was working fine until I did something today and now I cannot connect any phone to it wirelessly. Here is what I think happened:

- While my phone was connected to the car wirelessly via bluetooth, I plugged it into the USB port
- Shortly after plugging it in, I received a message saying that the phone could not be connected by both bluetooth and USB and that the bluetooth connection will be lost
- The phone continues to establish a connection via USB, however will no longer make a wireless connection
- The car displays no signs that bluetooth is inactive or not working properly, and looks like everything is working fine
- The phone still recognizes the car as a device, however when I attempt to select it for pairing (while parked, following all directions), it times out saying that the device is either unavailable or out of reach
- I get the same message when I attempt to pair with one of my friends' i-phones, with no success

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I think I need to somehow reset bluetooth in the car but I don't know how to do that. Thanks again guys!