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Originally Posted by Almaretto View Post
I know for what you asked. I said it was different system (HK vs B&O) and different car (sedan vs SAV), but it could give you a starting point. Then, you tweak settings to find your own personalized EQ.

688 HK and 6F2 B&O use the same amp & DSP in some vehicles. Through coding, you can even switch between the two.

Logic7 Surround is similar to Expanded; I find it distorts and blends tracks, giving a fake "Hall" or "Live" sound. I prefer Studio, which gives a cleaner separation of various instruments and vocals for a 5.2-like sound.

Have you tried any of the proposed EQ's in this thread or in referenced HK thread? If yes, what did you find lacking?

Also, what do you use as your main audio source? It will make a difference whether you are streaming BT or using SiriusXM compared to 320 kbps mp3 or ideally CD's & flac audio.

i've tried some settings.. but i didn't find the perfect sounds.. i use USB stick for all my music.. most of the music are 320kbps with very good quality

Thanks for helping 👍