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I ordered and bought one earlier this month. Today, I test drove it, both Macan S & Turbo on a 2 hr long test drive on local roads, highway and country roads with lots of twists & turns.

Overall, I am very pleased of the drive, like Alexey21 has pointed out, Porsche PDK is a bit more advance (in my own view) than the BMW M-DCT, the shift is totally seamless and lightning fast.

From the engine performance perspective, S is just as quick as the Turbo version and I cannot even tell one is slower than the other on a straight line acceleration. Obviously, power wise is still nowhere near the M5 figures.

From the suspension perspective, on the sport+ setting, it's not as stiff as the M5. I actually drove the vehicle in that setting for almost the entire test drive and it's very comfortable.

Now, the worst part of the Macan ... extremely quiet inside the cabin, no exhaust note that I can barely hear. I guess I would have to wait for Akra to come out with their sport exhaust system sometimes down the road.

Lastly, the Macan does not drive like a 911, no matter what others have said, it does drive like a car but still has the CUV/SUV DNA in it.

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