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Originally Posted by Meisterschaft View Post
Well, we think it is not that pointless and here are the reasons why. This can be a fun debate.

Stock to stock, M5 sedan is 110 kg lighter than M6 Cab (1945 kg vs 2045 kg), however our tested F10 M5 was a fully loaded vehicle (with such as HUD, Night Vision, Full leather option, cooling seats, B&O audio etc) while tested F12 M6 Cab was a lightly loaded vehicle without such mentioned options. Moreover combined passenger weight of M5 was approx. 50 lbs heavier than passenger weight of M6 Cab.
sligthly loaded m6 cab is 2100kg+ (messured by ams and sport auto)
There is easily 200 pounds wight difference.. with optioned cars.
can you messure your m6 cab, would be interested in result