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Originally Posted by Meisterschaft View Post
Well, we think it is not that pointless and here are the reasons why. This can be a fun debate.

Stock to stock, M5 sedan is 110 kg lighter than M6 Cab (1945 kg vs 2045 kg), however our tested F10 M5 was a fully loaded vehicle (with such as HUD, Night Vision, Full leather option, cooling seats, B&O audio etc) while tested F12 M6 Cab was a lightly loaded vehicle without such mentioned options. Moreover combined passenger weight of M5 was approx. 50 lbs heavier than passenger weight of M6 Cab.

Therefore, the total maximum (at the most) weight difference is 100 lbs or less. We think mere approx. 100 lbs or less weight will NOT make such a huge difference in full “power” acceleration (in rolling Acceleration pull comparison) as you see on this particular video, especially when it comes to vehicles like these, which are approx 2000 kg and have TQ value of 680NM/1500-5750 RPM (& 560+ hp)…..

Also, on BMW official website,
in fact, M5 Sedan and M6 Cab is listed as the same (0-62MPH) acceleration time (4.3 Sec)
while M6 coupe has a acceleration figure of 4.2 Sec (due to significant weight difference - Coupe vs Cab or Coupe vs Sedan).

If you still think our quick road test (M5 vs M6 cab) was an improper one, or have any doubts about the result,
please stop by and see & feel the difference yourself, we would like to invite anyone who is really curious to know.
Also whenever we get a chance to run against an M6 Coupe (F13) with this M5,
we will certainly do so, and will let you know, But we are pretty confident that the result will stay the same.
This impressively tuned F10 M5 will be faster than Stock F10 M5 or M6 (F12/F13).

GTHAUS - Meisterschaft
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