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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
We don't share the same usage for the term "evidence" or "proof". Under your usage, people have "real life evidence" that Psychics have real powers.

So no, I don't accept that "real life evidence" as proof. I don't choose to use the words evidence, proof or cure as loosely as you do.

Again, what "you feel" is irrelevant. That type of language immediately makes me not want to take you seriously. "Unnatural products" is another one. Look up the naturalistic fallacy.

The bottom line is cancer is caused by those things that cause cancer, regardless of what you feel or any bias you have. Science is the best method we have of making a determination of what those substances are.

Which science told you that? There's most likely no real answer to a blanket statement like that. What are you qualifying as "health conditions"? What data did you use to determine they have been rising? Over what period of time? You are just saying "People are getting worse. Why could that be? Probably because Bias X".

If you are referring to a scientific study that certain conditions are rising, then that study probably has some guesses as to why they found what they did. I'm pretty sure it wasn't "nature has a lot to teach us". Science has a lot to teach us.
Here is some more evidence.


Now show me evidence that chemotherapy or radiation are effective in treating cancer.

Cancer rates have been increasing for years, and the most likely cause is diet. 90% of the stuff you'll find at a grocery store is harmful for you in some way. You can look up other diseases like Alzheimer's or luekemia.
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