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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
You also want to be careful with this wording.

"It has already been proven to be a very effective cure for cancer in large doses."

If it had been proven as an effective cure, we would be out curing cancer. It had been shown to reduce tumor sizes in mice in a lab. That's not the same as having an effective cure. We have an effective cure for malaria. We have an effective cure in the prevention of polio. We cannot prevent or cure most terminal cancer currently.
That logic is irrefutable. I agree with you.

I can only think this thread was created to create discussion for it's own sake. I doubt few would claim that most folks see weed as far less harmful than alcohol and other drugs. The fact that one can buy and use it in its natural form rather than exclusively as a controlled and mass produced pill makes that much clear. I heard just yesterday that in even recreational purchase and use of weed is going to be largely overlooked by the Justice Department. I cannot help but imagine that in the next decade weed will land in about the same spot that alcohol landed after prohibition was ended, and for much the same set of reasons.

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