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I've been a long time friend of MJ and have switched from smoking to vaporizing for couple years. I wouldn't go as far as saying its healthy but I really don't think it causes any negative health issues. All I know is that too much of anything can be unhealthy or even kill you ie. junk food, aspirin, cola, energy drinks, and even vitamin pills but hey guess what these are all perfectly legal to purchase even by a minor.

After many years of advocating my friend MJ, I have given up. There are too many stubborn people in this world that only cares what the law/government says and never smells the bullshit. Especially the ones that drink alcohol regularly and chain smokes but says MJ is the DEVIL when they haven't even tried it once. As long as a I can still get my stuff at a reasonable price and at a reasonable quality then I'm Mr. Happy.

For those who feel that MJ is an addictive drug, look at a regular cigarette smoker and tell me that's not 100x worse. Sometimes I go months without hittin MJ and say hey, man I've been so busy lately I forgot to light one up, but I've never seen or heard a regular smoker forget to have their regular cigarette. Now that's addiction.
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