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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
You've brought up two points. That cigarettes are more addictive and the fact that you can casually smoke and not be addicted. Neither of these is an argument that people cannot be addicted to Marijuana. They are arguments that there are MORE addictive substances and that not everyone gets addicted.

Other than that, I pretty much agree with what you're saying.
You're only agreeing with me because we drive similar cars lol jk.

I'm not saying that's its not addictive and "studies" show that the addiction rate is around 10% which I have no problem agreeing with or supporting. The problem is how we define addiction with MJ and how it compares to other substances that have very uncontrollable physical addiction symptoms. Of my many years of usage (especially in BC) I have yet to meet someone that was addicted to mj and mj alone. If we want to classify all addictions being equal then I would put coffee, McDonald's, or even coca cola in this equation and see what % comes up. I personally am addicted to tea, I MUST and I repeat MUST have a good cup of Chinese tea every morning.
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