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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
I'm acknowledging them, someone has to. When you have people in this thread claiming marijuana smoke "can actually help your lungs because user tend to hold there deep breath longer and that helps increase the capacity of your lungs. I never seen anything saying it can cause cancer", someone has to be a voice of reason and bring us back to reality.

Again, you're going on with "government has tried to show they are harmful...". I just showed you two documents outlining the chemical make-up of marijuana smoke which shows it contains carcinogens. There are plenty of studies on the effects of marijuana use inhibiting learning and brain development. I like how none of that qualifies as "proof" but a youtube documentary is "proof" that it cures cancer. Do you see the double standard? This is what's known as Special Pleading.

To be clear, I don't think marijuana is overly harmful. Definitely, not more harmful than other things people do to themselves. But when you start professing that there are NO NEGATIVE effects at ALL and THAT IT CURES CANCER, you start losing support for your cause.

Marijuana and Alcohol can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. And I believe they should be legal. People should be able to use substances responsibly and assess the risks for themselves.
The only flaw I found in what you showed me is that the cannabis was not organically grown.

I have seen countless stories on the internet about marijuana curing cancer and other ailments. I even showed you a few of them. Not sure if you even looked at any of them but I don't really care if you did. I've done alot of research on cancer, and on marijuana, even the endocannabinoid system. We still do not even really know all the functions of the endocanabinoid system. Why do we have cannabinoids in our body? What is their purpose? Could it be that these are in the body to help us?
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