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Originally Posted by Patsc23
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Best solution is to register the car in another state then the local front plate law cannot be enforced.

South Carolina has low taxes and no front tag.
Its actually what I do now, since I have property in CT. Although CT has the law also, I never drive there. But after Hurricane Sandy and seeing all the totaled cars in my building garage (i moved mine) I just dont want to chance it anymore having issues with a claim. Plus CT has a dumbass property tax law on cars - Im guessing it will be over $2000 thae first year.
Not sure it should affect claim. With Geico I have my car registered in Montana and my insurance policy rated for my address in South Florida. They can rate the policy for whichever location you want. The only thing is they set the coverage limits to meet minimum requirements of both states. Not an issue for me since I run very high coverages anyway.