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Flashback, March 2009 I brought my M3 to the dealer for a sound coming out of the engine bay.

A few days went by and the dealer told me I exceeded the computer max governed velocity more than a few times, and went over the set redline by 100rpms 1500 times.

If you're not familiar with the generic E9x tunes, they traditionally* increase the governed speed and increase third-gear redline by 100-200rpms.

According to the dealers evidence from BMW NA, I got in the habit of using the last 100rpms, 1500 times.

The shop-forman who I was on good terms with suggested I come pickup the vehicle before it's warranty red-flagged.

Now that you're all familiar with my story on a previous gen BMW with less computer logging and engine management than the new and current gen cars would you still tune your beast?

Exactly why I went with the Switzer solution. I have been running the unit for almost a month now and I can say without a doubt, the car is considerably quicker. No errors logged or displayed and extremely simple to remove. For all you doubters out there, I used similar solutions on past turbo cars that I have owned and have never had a problem. A bit more boost never hurt anybody!
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