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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Audi however have just recently (relatively) changed to the A4/5/6 etc. model names. The A4 came in 1995 and replaced the Audi 80.

So, BMW cannot be said to follow Audi in model designation. BMW has had a very clear model designation policy over the years.
Audi's move to splitting the A4 to sedans (A/S/RS 4) and coupes (A/S/RS 5) and BMW following suit with dividing the 3-series is what I meant here.

Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
When it comes to design, I believe that most people are able to distinguish E39, E60 and F10 5-series from each other. The same with the 3-series. How many are able to tell the last generations of A4/A6 from each other?

Yes, there are design similarities between the 3/5/7-series, but so was there in previous years as well...
My statement in not being able to distinguish between 3er, 5er, and 7er was aimed at cars from the same generation (E65, E60, E9x), not between designs. The different Bangle designed models for instance, were clearly different from each other with respect to overall body lines. The current line-up of sedans (F01, F10, F30) have very similar body lines (at least to my eye), which perpetuates the small, medium, large concept. That said, Audi has worked with this idea with their A/S 4, 6, and 8. One car, three sizes.

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