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One of Audi's advantages when it comes to FWD based AWD is that it does not have a transverse mounted engine/transmission. The engine and transmission is installed in the traditional north/south longitudinal RWD layout. That's also one of the disadvantages of the Audi layout, meaning that the engine is installed too far forward for optimum weight distribution (the driveshafts to the front wheels comes out of the front of the gearbox, meaning that the gearbox has to line up with the center axis of the front wheels, and the engine forward of the front wheels).

It's kinda like the Porsche 911 design, just the other way round. Instead of the engine hanging out behind the rear axle (911) the engine hangs out in front of the front axle (Audi).

But, the advantage is that the car allready has a gearbox layout similar to a RWD car and should be just as reliable/strong as a 911 with AWD or a Cayenne, GTR etc.

If there's one thing Audi knows, it's AWD (or Quattro in Audi speak).

Porsche AWD front engine layout

Nissan GTR layout

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