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Originally Posted by mainly View Post
there are soem benz that do appeal to the younger crowd, trust me, i know first hand. the cls 63 and c 63 black series. are very hot looking cars. and an f10 m5 would all but dissappear next to them.

they definately get more attention from women. (and im not talking about cougars, im talking about 20-30 year olds)

the brief time i had my cls63 i got some pretty cool comments. with the BMW m5, its still gets attention, but mostly from other men (car enthusiasts)
I agree with you there on the strides MB has taken to gab the younger crowds attention, my father is also a MB man and i grew up in a MB (so to say) but when comparing an M5 to a black series or even a cls, i think its apples to oranges. I drove a 2010 e63 ( i think that's the year) and was under whelmed (stock). M5 stock is over whelming. I'm sure just like with anything else, bias plays a huge role. And my sahkir orange gets pppplentyyyyy attention from both sexes lol. I'm sure YouTube has enough head to head content to prove one side or another right, just has to be looked at in detail so that you're comparing apples to apples and not oranges (i.e. Stock vs modded). But in all fairness MB did step up their styling game.