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Originally Posted by FIPAD View Post
I would recommend going with's the newest thing out there and in my honest and professional's better then opticoat for 2 reasons...easier to apply and last longer when applied properly
That remains to be proven. When Opticoat/Optiguard first came out, everybody touted how great and long lasting it was. Well time has passed and really proved its durability. 22PLE may be the same. There are caveats with most permanent coatings such as Opticoat/Optiguard and 22PLE. Permanent (shiny) coatings such as Opticoat/Optiguard (and possibly 22PLE) in time could develop spider webbing due to inherent and unavoidable defects (it would be almost impossible to have a perfect clear coat, could be the chemicals themselves, the way it is applied, and other factors, so, some imperfection will be there which may not show up right away). So what do you do then? Your only recourse is to strip the coating, clean/repaint, then reapply the coating -- a very expensive undertaking. Whereas if it were a non permanent coat such as wax, it is so much easier to apply, buff and voila, spider webbing gone! Also clear film coating (which you can also wax) would be a much better alternative in my opinion, if waxing 2 - 3 times a year seem tedious.