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Originally Posted by URBAN LEGEND View Post
On my 13 M5 the fuse removal doesn't deactivate radio.
Does your car have the B&O 'Top HiFi' system? Here's my theory, and I don't know if it would apply to the fuse removal as well as the ASD module removal.

I would like to deactivate the ASD in my car, but after looking at the wiring diagrams in the ASD .pdf that jmh provided, I think there could be a different result depending on whether your car has the standard 'HiFi' system or the 'Top HiFi' system. I don't claim to know how this all works, but perhaps this paragraph from the manual will explain better than my words.

The main difference between the Top HiFi system and the HiFi system relies in that the former, the audio signals from the Headunit/CIC and the signals from the ASD are combined in the audio amplifier and output to the speakers, as opposed to the HiFi System where the audio inputs are combined in the ASD control unit and then the modified signals are sent to the AMPH.

My thinking is that cars with the standard HiFi system might lose the audio system if the ASD module is removed because of the routing/combining of the audio signals in the ASD control unit and not in the amplifier. The coding change that -dr- mentioned may be the most reliable way to defeat it in the end.