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New F10 M5 Owner

Originally registered back in 2006!!!

Last Friday I picked up my LCI 15 plate M5 in monte carlo blue with Silverstone interior, the car only has 10800 on the clock.

Come from a reasonable line of M cars, 2 E46 M3s then the wonderful E60 M5 - then divorce came and kicked me in the plums and I traded the M5 for a 525d in a vain attempt to save a doomed marriage, what an idiot lol

I swore on my last drive in the M5 that if I could ever afford another M5 (I can't) and met a wonderful girl (that bit I have aced) then I would get another. So after having a couple of F10 520ds I was driving the same route I took on my last M5 drive and had an epiphany - quick call to my BMW dealer and I threw down my deposit over the phone!!!!

Damn I forgot what proper M power is all about - this thing is nuts and compared to my old V10 could almost be considered economical - almost, and hopefully more reliable as I broke my V10 all the time.

This car is spectacular and I am currently thinking this is a keeper for life as fairly soon it will only be hybrid this or electric that.

Anyway, this is Paul's history lesson over as I got to drive my car