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F10 M5 break in period


According to the manual there are 2 break-in procedures.

First is from 0 to 2000 km:
- Avoid using "kickdown" (don't floor the pedal)
- Do not exceed 5500 RPM
- Avoid exceeding 160 km/h (no high speeds)
- Drive at varying speeds

Second is from 2000 to 5000 km:
- Only use "kickdown" when overtaking is needed and for a short time
- Don't exceed 250 km/h

I've driven 540 km so far and I already failed all the above. I've driven it hard to 5500 RPM on at least 15 occasions because I wanted to feel traction, grip, torque and listen to exhaust sound at different speeds. I have used "kickdown" at least 10 times. Especially having raced a 911 Turbo today for 15 minutes non-stop, the lack of grip on a damp road in -3C with summer tires so was annoying to say the least. I am really hoping things will get better on dry and summer weather because it's nearly useless to have so much power if DSC keeps interfering almost EVERY time you push the gas. This is only, but biggest complaint about the car so far.

It's very difficult and near impossible for me to drive this machine like a grandmother for the next 3-5 months. I'm able to drive rarely and when I do, I'm in traffic jams. Needless to say I'm hungry to get in and enjoy the car for a few hours once in a few days and after driving for 3 hours in traffic jams I really want to push this thing.

1) Am I the only one with no patience? What do you guys do?
2) Since I already haven't followed the break-in instructions, will my car's potential be lower now? I'm pretty frustrated that I'm given a car but with excessive and very restricted instructions on how to drive it and not explained consequences.

I only hope these cars are pre broken-in and the procedure is just a formality, I can't imagine how BMW would allow such a questionable practice of giving a vehicle and for 2000 and 5000 km driving it remotely close to the way it's designed to could result in damage to engine? car explosion? -200 bhp? damage to transmission?

Thanks and sorry for the rant, just wanted to know if I'm the only one and if I'm doing something really wrong. And if I've already damaged my vehicle by driving hard it to redline several times