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Originally Posted by mdm0515 View Post
That's crazy, but your situation sounds like a bit of an outlier based on other board posts. There's no way you should still not have your car after a 9/1 ED and 9/3 Munich drop. This is the worst of treatments I've read so far and it doesn't give me confidence on my own dealer redelivery date with pump redo for which i can gather zero information. I'd suggest a continued assault on BMWNA in NJ. Only they can provide answers and/or support/assistance unless you know someone higher up that you can call directly. Good luck.
I had the exact same dates 9/1 pickup, 9/3 drop off in Munich, on the Toronto and still don't have my car back.

I want in on anything going on. I am not trying to be greedy, but this is just unfair and the nonresponsiveness is not what I expected from BMW.