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Originally Posted by mattmv06 View Post
I work at a dealership and for us at least if you have an issue that's caused by the modifications then we wont cover it (more like tell you to come back stock haha) but if you've got full exhaust, tuned, intake, etc and your seat doesn't work then the mods won't affect your warranty on that at all.
Yes, I'm aware that warranty infractions that don't impact the function of another portion of the car won't affect factory repair of the unaffected part. But the engine is a very expensive component and I am assuming that BMW will be able to determine if the ECU has had a tune, even if that tune doesn't activate the CEL while it is installed, and even after the tune is removed. Please correct me if that is wrong, I wish it were.

GTHAUS, have you actually run the catless downpipes with the otherwise stock exhaust in place? Have you heard the sound of the exhaust in that configuration? Do you have an audio track for comparison?