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I think MakeEmDrool that channeled Bruce Willis in the earlier post had the right idea about how to bring some more humor to this (through movie references).

How else could it have gone down....

Look at him for about 10 seconds (5 makes it looks like you are thinking of a response, 10 is just enough to make someone feel uncomfortable with what you are about to say), then say "well I guess those other M5s went easy on you out of respect for your badging. You clearly don't know about the secret FC option on the M5s... and I would tell you about it or show it to you in all its glory BUT since you aren't in the owners club AND I (like the other M5 owners) don't like you enough to over look that..."

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"And if you really annoy me, I'll go back in time and make sure your mom and dad don't meet."

Maybe not... but just saying....

Anyone else with to contribute a movie themed response?