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OMG you guys are freakin awesome and hilarious!

I agree about the Audi drivers. I had an Audi S6 on my ass on the Autobahn, the previous generation with the V10, and I was in the left lane not letting him pass. I figured I was in an M5, and this was after my Break-In servicing there in Germany, so I would let him get up on my ass, and then gun it, he tried to keep up and I would have to slow down because of slower traffic in the left lane in front of me and then the S6 would catch right back up. This happened about 7 8 times for many miles. So funny, knowing that he could not pass me even if he wanted to. LOL!

But yeah, I'm having withdrawals from the immaculate condition of ALL of the European roads i drove on. I get back to Southern California, and there are CHP on my ass everywhere, people passing on the right, trash all over the highways, and Toyota Priuses driving 50mph in the left lane. Makes me want to become a congressman so I can change the federal highway laws. Ugggh!!!
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