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I originally wanted to buy it cash due to it making sense financially. But I ended up leasing again. Yes the residual sucks but to dish out over $100k after taxes was a bit much for me. I do get bored of cars after 3 years and dealing with buyers, paypal etc when trying to sell privately down the road is such a turn off. Most likely the worst case scenario would be the actual residuals end up being $8k-$10k higher than BMW's expected if my car is pristine. That scenario would basically eliminate the discounts off MSRP which I worked out with the dealer not that I got that much off . But the possibility of getting into an accident and having it show up on car fax and not feeling comfortable owning a car after one definitely gave leasing and advantage to me. Again that's a big if. A hit and run in a parking lot left me being happy I leased my previous car. I have bad luck so I'm gonna lease again. This way, I'll be forced to use the car and enjoy it instead of trying to protect it. Word to the wise. Don't buy any black 2013 6MT certified pre owned M5's in NY 3 years from now cause it could be mine. I'm gonna try to reach BMW's expected residuals when I'm done with it lol.

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