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I used launch control when i had 1300 miles. Heres how to properly use it.

1. Make sure DSC is off and shifting is on S3.
2. Make sure the tires are warmed up, and drive atleast 6-8 miles.
3. Hold break a little bit and hold shifter forward and a flag indicating launch control is engaged should pop up. Then floor the gas all the way.( remember u still have the shifter held in the upward position.)
4. Release the brake, The RPMS will be held in 3000RPM unless you adjust it Via cruise control.
5. Release the shifter and off you go, if you don't have your throttle all the way down you wont launch.
Its actually quite frankly very easy to use as my settings are in Sport plus,sport plus, sport plus and S3. So all i need to do is hold the Traction button until DSC is completely off.

Once you use it a couple times, it's a breeze.

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