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I paid 94,250 (plus 750 off for financing) on a 101,045 msrp. It comes out to about 750 over invoice. I went and did the invoice on the bmwconfig and told my dealership I knew exactly what it cost them to get the car etc. I likely could have gotten it for 500 over invoice but my dealer had to go and get it from another dealership (it actually was still on the water and not on the other dealers lot yet), so they needed to make a little themselves on the sale since the other dealership was getting the initial 500 over invoice. I figured 250 wasn't a big deal hahah

Sounds like there are deals to be had. There are some used cars coming out on the market as has been brought to our attention or should I say "beat to death" by certain Dinan 550 owners on here. However, with the prices people are getting for the new cars you are only saving a couple thousand buying something with 3-5k miles on it.

Car should be here in a couple days and I have the cosmetic mods just waiting to go. I'll post a ton of pictures!