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Originally Posted by Niko1414 View Post
Welcome e to the squeaky break club
I have had the issue for the last 3 weeks or so but getting worse by the day. The squealing is very loud and almost EVERYTIME I slow down to 15 miles or less. No amount of hard braking runs seems to clear up problem for more than even 1 day. Brought the car to service yesterday and thankfully they test drove and heard squeal. They say its coming from one or both of front brakes. They inspected brakes and found nothing obvious. They have a call into regional tech guru for advise on next step.No response yet. Meantime I took M5 home (squealing at every slow down). I am embarrassed to stop at traffic lights, no kidding. While I feel the car is wonderful so far in all other respects this is a problem that has to get fixed. It is a daily annoyance/embarrassment and I will not put up with it. BMW HOPEFULLY YOU ARE MONITORING WEBSITE TODAY. There needs to be a service bulletin put out on this so service techs aren't scratching their heads and wondering what to do .This is obviously not a one off problem . Jason, please do not move this thread to the obscurity of Wheel,Tires , Suspension, Brakes forum. Lets give this issue some real "air" time to be vetted.