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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot
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Discovered this yesterday on my way home from work in Atlanta traffic. Was doing about 20 and a SUV jumped in front of me then hit the brakes and my car came to a dead stop before I knew what was happening. Freaked me out a bit but I am glad it did as I may not have been able to stop in time on my on.
Really? You certain of this? I thought it was just collision warning. Looks like you got your new home pretty quickly. Mine is still under construction. The wait is killing me!
Yes very certain. I am not sure of the distance or speed but it is probably if you are under 25-30 mph as other manufacturers. I had the often wondered this and heard conflicting statements but never wanted to test it lol.
Yes they wanted me here faster than I thought so had to move quickly I found a cool condo in a high rise that will do for a while. . I can imagine where are you now?