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Originally Posted by puffysheep
Hi folks,

I'm new to the forum but I decided to join because this site is the single most useful place on the web to learn and discuss about BMWs.
Before I get started, I wanted to introduce myself and give little background information about my car preferences.

I'm currently 32 years old and all my cars in the past have been BMWs.
My first car as a 16 year old teenager was 1997 E39 528i.
Back then, I really wanted a M3 as my first car but my parents refused, with all the good intentions, and that is why I always have special feelings towards M cars even today.
Yes, I did get into couple accidents with my 5 series, so looking back, not having had M3 as a first car makes lot of sense.

Then my second BMW was 2004 E63 645Ci.
This is by far my favorite BMW that I have owned partly because of its well-balanced drivability, practicality, handling and reliability.
Seriously, for the 7 years that I owned this car, it never had any electrical nor mechanical failures what so ever.
I only had to bring in this car for routine maintenance and service!

My third and current BMW is 2007 E70 (3.0) X5.
This car also served me well over the years and, for a car this size, it drives extremely well.
I only had to bring this car in for minor problems but one thing I hate the most about this car is that you can't park or turn off the engine in neutral.
Yes, you can open up the compartment and use the special tool to put this car in neutral under emergency situation but this nevertheless is a hassle.

Now, as my fourth BMW, I just placed an European Delivery order in last week for 2013 F10 M5.
My specs are as follows:

Silverstone Full-Marino
Aluminum Trim
Executive Package
B & O
20" 343M Wheels

(total price = $94,755 not including destination, gas guzzler & other taxes)

I'm quite excited about this order because it would be my first time doing ED.
I've been to Germany many times for business and whenever I visited the BMW Welt, I always said to myself that I would do ED for my next BMW and finally get to ride that customer only elevator when picking up the vehicle there.

Anyways, I'm really sorry for the long introduction but I wanted to ask the enthusiasts on this forum what the best 20" winter tires would be for the new F10 M5. (please give specific brand/model numbers if you can)
To be frank, it snows a lot during winter where I live and I was hoping new M5 would have AWD option but it didn't happen this time around.
Also if you can provide any good websites or stores where I can buy those 20" winter tires, I would really appreciate your help.
Lastly, please try to give reasoning behind why you recommend that particular winter tires with pros/cons.
Thanks in advance and you guys really have an awesome community here!
Pirelli Zottozero is a really good wintertyre. I have it om my car at wintertime.