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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
First off, great build! I just ordered the same car. Same color combination, same options, Euro Delivery program (I take delivery 9/1). Although I am rethinking the B&O system. I originally ordered it because nobody has heard it yet, and I figured it was better to get it and have it be OK then to not get it and have regrets. But I just read a review from a member who compared the B&O system live next to the base system at a dealer event. He said he could not tell the difference between the two and suggested people skip the upgrade. For $3,700 I want to hear the system blows you away.

Now, for you winter tire question. I've been running Bridgestone Blizzacks for the last few years on my E60 M5. They've been great. Good cold weather traction and handles the snow well. I've been running the front tire size at all four corners based on the recommendation of Luke at Tire Rack. The narrower rear tire size improves handling in the snow.
LOL, I signed up for either 9/1 or 9/3 delivery date too!
We might actually run into each other on the pick up date and better yet, we may even see two M5s speced exactly the same.

BMWs generally have good basic sound system but I always had premium sound on my cars except for my X5.
Oh, boy have I regretted that decision for the past few years especially on a long distance roadtrips on highways.
Whenever I travel above 85 mph or above on my X5 and my sound volume increases accordingly, I can truly hear the difference between my X5 and other BMWs with premium sounds.

I am pretty sure BMW is not charging extra $3,700 for a sound system upgrade without a good reason.
I also read the post you mentioned about the B & O system on M5, but it's often hard to tell the difference in sound while the car is standing still.
To really hear the difference, I personally think the volume must be loud and car must be driven at fairly good speed.

Besides, I love the looks of the Aluminum speakers for B & O on the interior of M5.
I think they go perfectly well with the aluminum trim I selected.
To be really frank, if the B & O speakers were not aluminum, I would have choosen piano trim instead.

Oh also, thanks so much for the tire recommendation.
As bigsipt and bobblehead suggested, I am also going to find out what BMW stock winter tire is going to be and compare.
My dealer kind of hinted they were going to offer me the winter tire set at a discount since I am getting the new car from them, but I wanted to know if there were any good winter tires I should consider instead.