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Originally Posted by lou500 View Post

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your collection. Very inspirational.

I ordered my first M car (2012 E92 M3) and am anxiously awaiting delivery. I know one day I'll hold a picture of that car like you did with your E46.

Three questions for you:

1. What are the speed limits in Singapore? Are they tightly enforced?
Yes in Singapore we do have speed limit and most of it is very slow like 70km/h. In the highway is about 90km/h.

2. Do you service and maintain all your vehicles yourself or do you have someone take care of that for you? Where do you take them (especially the 458)?
We have an authorize agent here that does all the serving and repairs.

3. Is petrol expensive there? What is the average price of a liter of petrol?
Yes our petrol is about SGD$2.00 per litre .

Thanks again
Please look at my reply below your questions. Tks