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Originally Posted by benz61 View Post
Hi everyone thanks for the well wishes as much as I like to remain low profile it seems that is going to be difficult as I am getting a lot of enquiry about the new F10 M5. But I would like to make it clear that I am not paid by BMW or anyone to say good things about the car. I was just like everyone of you out there who has entered into the M5 program. I was shocked to know that I was selected by BMW M to test the new M5 and even before that I have already booked the M5. Is just that to me M cars are now at their best and because I have so much confidence in them that I just book the car before testing.

Like many of you out there I am a petrol head I buy the cars because I like the way they drive and not because I want to show off . It was a very tough decision to make when M power wanted to do Home Interview with me. In fact I have requested them to delete a lot of the photo they took which I think is very personal and not publish on the web. But I really did not knew that it will be posted at this forum too guess that is the power of the internet. As much as you guys want to know how the F10 drives I would gladly share the info with you all. Just put up your question and I will try to reply them as much as I can . As for those who knows me or live in Singapore please say Hi so that I can know you too. Is been a very exciting days since the video was launch and yes all the scene you saw was actual footage and not camera trick. The power slide and the launch you saw was real cause the car is very good and it can do that in the hand of a normal driver like me. M-power the most powerful letter in the world and they are not wrong
Honestly I don't care about the cars, just show me more pictures of your carbon AP.