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Originally Posted by amsfoto View Post
No offense to e92 M3 owners, but if the new M5 is as unspectacular as the current M3 is...I for one will be extremely disappointed. The new M5 will most likely be heavier than the e60, and if they don't give it a significant HP bump it's going to be plagued by the same lackluster performance compared to the non-M TT cars that BMW is offering.

Getting the torque required to move a heavy sedan while still undercutting the EPA regulations is going to get harder and harder with naturally aspirated engines. These cars are going to continue to be packed full of more and more technology and weight. I am a huge fan of the V10 E60 M5, but things have to change...and if going boosted is the answer to a faster car with better gas mileage and less weight, then so be it.

I will be surprised if the new M5 is going to be an N/A V10. In order to make it faster than the E60 it is going to need quite a bit more power, which means larger displacement and more gas needed for a reliable road car. I can see a V10TT, or even a V8TT. Only time will tell!
Well the F10 5er is going to infact be lighter then the E60 and something tells me the M5 will pack proportionatly more light weight materials then the standard F10 5er so that means the M5 should be a good amount lighter then the E60 M5. How do I know this? Well the director of BMW M said so He said basicly the focus has completly shifted away from larger displacement and moved toward integrating Efficient Dynamics into the M cars. He directly said they would use more light weight materials on the car including composite plastics and metals as well as carbon fibre. So I would expect a much lighter M5 as compared to the current car.

As for the engine, I'm sure they are leaning towards the TT V8 route as the X cars are using and have been getting high praise for that engine. But I think BMW M is very selective of engine and drivetrain combinations so they would be willing to give up efficiency for a better overal performance of the car and these real world tests and data will ultimatly choose which engine combination they go with.