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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Hamilton, while being one of the best if not the best ever, is unquestionably the LUCKIEST driver of all time. Outside of that pitlane incident in China years ago, the guy's luck is just absolutely astounding. I mean, you almost have to wonder if he's made a deal with somebody in the nether realm for the way his luck runs. No way he should have taken 2nd today, but through yet another bolt of lighting luck there he is. When you combine being great AND being lucky I don't know how the hell you can lose.
Lucky and Cocky. His instagram post

"A mistake nearly cost us 25 points".

Didnt have a sniff at 1st place, got lucky as hell with the red flag, but somehow felt that 25 points were in play for him at some point in the race.

At least he didnt steal 1st place trophy this time
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