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Kimi isn't arrogant! He is a private person who doesn't like people or interviews very much. Wish he had more to be arrogant about but one championship doesn't cut it. Should have had more BTW. I like or dislike drivers because of their personality, ways and actions more than their success.

Also, I've never denied HAM is an awesome driver. I call him scHAM because without the move to MB he would NEVER have all those championships.
Are you asking or telling? Kimi is onw of the least likeable people in F1. It's amazing you like people for their personality, so I'm sure you have a defense for all of these, right?

LOL a being mad at Hamilton for doing his job. You should be more upset at everyone else on the grid who have been glorified benchwarmers their whole carriers. At least Sir Lewis is actually winning, you can't say the same about the rest of the field (or Kimi)
Not asking or telling, maybe I'm a drunk introvert just like him.
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