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Use to take Assault, but after buying a tub of the new formula and using it for awhile, I'll never take the shit again.

The old stuff was amazing! I'd feel great, alive, like I needed to just grab random shit and lift it lol. Never crashed from it or anything.

I took the new blend and didn't feel as great, figured it may just be time to cycle off for a little bit as I was getting use to it. But then after my workout, I started feeling like complete shit. Nausea, light headed, difficulty breathing, so bad I almost went to the hospital.

I thought it was a fluke, but it wasn't. The symptoms weren't as bad the next few times I took it, but still, every time, I felt like complete shit after my workout. Nothing changed in my diet, sleep schedule, workout schedule either.

Cycled off stims for a month and need to pick up a new one soon.
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