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Originally Posted by CarolinaM5 View Post
Dunno yet......I'd like to but I'd like to avoid harshness of ride you get with lowering springs sometimes.....I've had H&R on other BMWs I've had in the past and find that they do degrade ride quality....any recommendations?
I have the H&R's on my F10 M5---- they are a great form and functional mod IMHO.

The drop is not drastic or "ghetto" but instead the way the car should come from the factory. Its about 1 inch in the front and .6 of an inch in the rear. So the ride quality really doesnt change. I drove the car for about 400 miles without and then did the change and I really couldnt tell the difference whether it be on flat normal roads, bumpy roads, undulating pavement, high speed bends and sharp corners. I wont say the car is better in handling but I wont say its worse off either. H&R got it right with the F10 drop.

I have also dropped my other M's I had with springs and you are right, the ride was more harsh and the handling was impacted. I think with the limited drop on the F10 everything remains good.
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