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Originally Posted by cpiguy View Post
I have a 2011 458, a highly modified 2010 M3, and a 2013 M5 being build as we speak. All I can tell you is they're all incredible cars and I feel blessed to be in a position to own one of each.

No matter how excited the BMW guys are to see this video, I can personally attest to the fact that the 458 is the most incredible car I've ever driven. I truly love my M3 and currently use it as my daily driver, but to be honest, nothing compares to the visceral feeling, acceleration, soul and sound of the 458. Is it worth $300k? Is it the fastest car out there? Is it the best looking? Who knows?

For those of you that have not spent real seat time behind the wheel of a 458, your missing an incredible experience no matter what car you've driven. Even my buddy who owns an Aventador loves switching cars to experience the difference between the 2 cars.

PS: Can't wait for my new M5 to arrive.
Hey brother do you live on the lake in Westlake? My girlfriend works with Richie Sambora and when we go over there I see a 458 and an e90 parked next to each other. You live in that area?
If so next time you see a matte black e64 say hello my name is Ameer. Hope to see you around brother.
Oh and if something doesn't work out with that '13 M5 I think they have a white one over at steve thomas BMW.
See ya around =)