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Barry, feeling your pain. Hopefully you get some of your expenses refunded and they make this right. But that being said it is a machine and machines do break down... as unfortunate as that sounds. Also I noticed my car had three miles on the clock and obviously that's the way I wanted it.. meaning its brand spanking new.... only problem is that they put it together on the line and then did a victory cruise and +/- 2 miles and delivered it to its owner. Not much room for a good diagnostic. So again sorry to hear it turned out this way but I don't think they were aiming to throw off ur vaca.... I am 100% problem/ scratch/ noise / viabration free and over 1900 miles on the clock. Hang in there and if you get a whole new car I am confident it won't happen again. One car out of +/- 30 delivered isn't too shabby.