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Originally Posted by 997usa View Post
Nate - very neat!
How easy / difficult is it to take off the handles for the exchange?
Here you go

Originally Posted by Andrew@IND View Post
Tools used:
  • Torx15 x 18" driver
  • Nylon prybar
  • Flashlight

The first step is removing the rubber plug located on the door jamb portion of the door panel. Removing this plug enables access to the Torx15 bolt that secures the handle assembly in place. Remove the plug using your fingers or a nylon trim removal tool.

Now that the rubber piece is removed take a quick peek with a flashlight and locate the position of the T15 screw. Although our technician used a 18" long driver you can get by with a standard 7.5" tool. Simply remove the screw and move on to step number 3.

The T15 screw is the only major component securing the handle assembly to the door. The only other area secured to the door is the front portion of the handle. Now with light pressure pull the handle toward you as if you were opening the door.

As you begin to pull the handle you will notice the front portion of the handle is secured to the door via a 2 pin connector. These connectors are removed by unlatching the plastic tab on each pin. For this step our technician used a angled pick, but this step allows for some improvisation.

Now that the 2 pin connector you can safely remove the handle from the door.

Installation is simply the reverse procedure, but please note that while the handle is removed the door will not properly latch. Do not close the door while the handles are not attached to the car.